The Revive Youth Project at Craigie & Moncreiffe Parish Church


The Revive Youth Project is Craigie & Moncreiffe Church's youth work delivered in the community for young people. Through our various youth groups and youth committees we deliver youth work that is sustainable, relational, long term and focuses on youth empowerment.  The Revive Project works with young people from 10 years old all the way up to 25 years old through different youth work delivery methods. Various opportunities are available for young people through Revive such as residentials and trips, weekly fun youth groups, on going training for volunteers and young leaders and so much more.


Meeting times are:
Junior Youth Club P6–P7 Tuesdays @ Moncreiffe Church 17:30–18:45. £1 entry


   Revive Youth Group on Facebook

   Matthew Dellaquaglia on Facebook

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